Perfect Mother's Day Flowers

What are the best colors of flowers for Mother’s Day?

It’s difficult to describe motherhood with only one feeling or color. There are upbeat days when mothers successfully manage after-school activities, parties, and homework. Mothers also have tender moments where they hug their children to reassure them of their support. Sometimes mothering requires patience and composure during chaotic times.

Motherhood involves different situations and emotions. However, one thing is certain – mothers deserve recognition. So, these are some color options for your Mother’s Day arrangement from a nearby florist in Glenview, lL.

Red Flower

To start things off, a color that is always a safe choice that moms are sure to love is red. As we already know, red flowers have long been a symbol of love and are thought to convey deep feelings of affection, care, and appreciation. Roses are the most common red flower given on Mother’s Day, but other options include carnations, tulips, and gerbera daisies. No matter which red bloom you pick, your mother will know the meaning behind this vibrant hue.

Green Flower

For moms who have a green thumb and love working in their garden, an earthy bouquet featuring green flowers would go over well. Some options in varied green shades are green carnations, hydrangeas, and wheat. Greens remind us of growth, renewal, and nature – values garden-loving mothers hold dear. These blooms say “You nurture our family just like you nurture your plants.”

Pink Flower

A flower color for Mother’s Day that evokes feelings of gentleness, grace, and sweetness. Pink flowers remind us of childhood and are a lovely way to honor one’s mother. Some excellent pink flower choices are peonies, cherry blossoms, and alstroemeria. Baby’s breath also comes in a soft blush pink that adds fullness and texture to an arrangement. Pairing pink flowers with green accents or other pastel shades would make for an elegantly feminine bouquet perfect for Mother’s Day.

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Yellow Flower

Yellow flowers symbolize joy, cheerfulness, and warmth. On a day meant for honoring mothers, bringing them happiness is key, and yellow is one of the colors that represent motherhood. Sunny blooms like tulips, daffodils, and daisies in yellow say “You make me happy!” without using words. Since most moms work so hard to spread joy every day, yellow flowers are a bright way to show appreciation for all they do.

Lavender Flower

For mothers with a creative, artistic side, lavender flowers convey messages of imagination, grace, and elegance. Blossoms from a local florist in Morton Grove like lavender roses can add an aristocratic feel. Other possibilities include laceflower, lavender stocks, and lavender statice for their frilly, delicate appearance. A bouquet peppered with lavender blooms says “You bring beauty and refinement to our lives, Mom.”

White Flower

Last but not least, the white color for Mother’s Day symbolizes purity, innocence, and new beginnings. On a day set aside to honor motherhood, white blooms pay tribute to the nurturing, selfless acts of moms. Some top white flower picks are lilies, orchids, roses, and calla lilies. White flowers paired with pastels or lush greenery would create a bouquet as pristine and lovely as the woman it’s meant for.

From classic roses to springtime tulips, Morning Glory has all the top flower varieties available for Mother’s Day delivery straight to your door. You can even build a fully customized bouquet online, choosing different blooms, colors, fillers, and more- order Mother’s Day flower delivery!


Mother's Day Flower Gifts

Unique Mother’s Day Flower Gifts: Beyond the Traditional Bouquet

Mother’s Day is a unique opportunity to celebrate the amazing women who have molded our lives with compassion, insight, and leadership. Although flowers are a classic present for this occasion, there are many other inventive ways to show your gratitude. There are lots of flower-inspired presents that can be personalized, useful, or surprising, and they will make your mom feel loved and honored on her special day. Here are some unique Mother’s Day bouquet ideas and Mother’s Day flower gifts to consider, each offering a thoughtful and meaningful way to show your love and gratitude.

Living Plant Arrangements

Giving your mom a living plant arrangement instead of a bouquet will last for months or years. Choose from a variety of indoor plants such as orchids, succulents, or flowering plants like hydrangeas or azaleas available at Glenview Florist. Living plants serve as a constant reminder of your love and gratitude, in addition to adding a touch of greenery to any environment.

Customized Flower Subscription

Personalized flower subscriptions are a gift that keeps on giving, so treat your mom to one. Florist offers subscription options where fresh flowers are delivered to her doorstep on a regular basis, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Choose her favorite flowers, colors, and arrangements to customize the subscription. It’s a kind and practical approach to make her day happy even after Mother’s Day.

Flower-Infused Skincare Products

Pamper your mom with unique Mother’s Day gifts such as luxurious skincare products infused with the essence of flowers. Seek for body oils, bath salts, and lotions that have real floral extracts like chamomile, rose, or lavender. These aromatic and nutritious products will not only soften and renew her skin but also calm and uplift her mood.

Handcrafted Floral Jewelry

For a truly unique and personal gift, consider surprising your mom with handcrafted Mother’s Day flower jewelry. Pick from lovely bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with actual flowers encased in glass or preserved in resin. Your mom may carry springtime with each wearable work of art that depicts nature’s splendor.

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Flower-Infused Culinary Delights

Treat your mother to a delicious meal that includes flowers, such handcrafted chocolates, specialty teas, or infused honey. Look for treats infused with flowers for mother’s day delivery like lavender, rose, or jasmine, which add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any culinary experience. She will be delighted and pampered by these delicious delights.

DIY Flower Arranging Workshop

Organize a class or workshop on do-it-yourself flower arranging and give your mom the gift of creativity. A lot of botanical gardens and florists provide interactive workshops where people may learn the craft of flower arranging and make their own lovely arrangements. It’s an enjoyable and engaging method for your mother to let her inner artist out and develop a fresh interest in flowers.

Flower-Inspired Home Decor

Brighten your mom’s home with flowers for Mother’s day and items such as floral-scented candles, decorative throw pillows, or botanical prints. Whether her taste is classic, modern, or eclectic, pick things that go well with her own style. Her living area will feel more elegant and welcoming with these well-chosen accents.

When it comes to celebrating your mother on Mother’s Day, there are innumerable distinctive and inventive ways to do it that go beyond the standard bouquet. Showing your mother how much she means to you and making her feel sincerely loved and valued on her special day can be accomplished with a little bit of creativity and some consideration. For more Mother’s Day-related information and inspiration, check out Morning Glory Flower Shop.

Flowers for Girls

Flowers for Girls with Their Special Meanings

Flowers have been important symbols of love and gratitude since ancient times all over the world. With so many flower types available, it can be tricky to pick the best ones to give someone special to express your feelings. This article outlines some top flowers to give your girlfriend, wife, or any girl you care about to show your love. Scroll down to know the meaning of different types of flowers!


Roses have always been at the top of the list. Giving roses has been popular for years since they mean love, care, and honesty. Red roses for a girlfriend, wife, or girl are always perfect. Even though they’re pricey, red roses show eternal romance and passion. They mean your love for your partner is deep and never-ending. When thinking about flowers that symbolize femininity, pink roses are a great option.

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Sunflowers show feelings of happiness and warmth. These bright yellow blooms make you think of summer. But you can give them any time of year to remind your partner how you feel around them – warm and smiling as bright as the sun! Sunflowers also represent loyalty. This makes them great for long-distance relationships where loyalty connects you. You can mix sunflowers with other kinds to make wonderful, colorful bouquets for your girlfriend. Putting sunflowers in the middle looks fabulous.


Lilies have the most diverse meanings. They usually show purity and complete devotion to a woman. In Greek myths, lilies represent rebirth and motherhood. So they’re great to give if your partner is expecting. Overall, they connect to good luck. If your partner could use some good fortune or you want to express love and loyalty, lilies are perfect to get from a local Skokie flower shop.


Peonies are one of the rarest and most unique flowers to give a girl. You can only get them in season. Their fluffy blooms mean romance, prosperity, and shyness. In many cultures, they’re also good luck charms. Since they’re not always available, timing it right makes peonies a special, unique gift. It reminds her she’s as gorgeous and special as these flowers!


Daffodils-Flower for Girls

Daffodils-Flower for Girls

Daffodils traditionally celebrate a 10th anniversary. But they also symbolize new beginnings and good luck. For example, if your partner is starting something new, sending daffodils wishes her the best. Their good luck meaning makes them a thoughtful gift. Daffodils also represent optimism since they bloom after winter. Giving these flowers brings joy and longing. Perfect for your special lady!

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Bright blue, white, and yellow irises are the most popular. Of all flowers for girls, they have the deepest meaning – faith, admiration, and courage. Gifting irises shows great wisdom. You encourage your partner and express admiration. Perfect for a thoughtful, sentimental woman!


Gardenias are gorgeous and smell heavenly! They represent happiness, purity, and old-fashioned love. Considered too stunning for this world, they’re mystical. These elegant blooms are popular for weddings. Giving gardenias could rekindle a long-term love and nurture your bond.


After roses, chrysanthemums are the second most popular flowers globally. They show pure friendship and affection. If you want to confess feelings to a girl, chrysanthemums work great. Go for red to convey your love!

Express your feelings with beautiful blooms from Morning Glory Flower Shop- a Glenview florist! Ordering is quick and convenient on our website. Just browse our flower collections and choose your favorites.

language of colors

The Language of Colors: Choosing Meaningful Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your love with thoughtful gestures. Flowers stand out among the many methods to express feelings since they are classic symbols of love. However, beyond the blooms themselves, the colorful Valentine’s flowers carry significant meanings that can add depth and nuance to your romantic expressions. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the language of colors, guiding you through the symbolism of different hues and helping you choose meaningful romantic Valentine’s Day flowers that perfectly encapsulate your sentiments.

Red: The Classic Symbol of Love and Passion

Red is the color of choice for expressing intense, passionate love. Particularly red roses are well-known representations of romance and longing. This vibrant hue signifies not only love but also courage and respect. An arrangement of velvety red roses from florist Glenview IL is a timeless way to express your deep love on Valentine’s Day.

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Pink: Graceful Affection and Admiration

As a color that embodies sweetness and tenderness, pink is perfect for expressing love and adoration. Light pink flowers, such as pink roses or carnations, exude grace, thoughtfulness, and happiness. For Valentine’s Day flower delivery, get pink flowers to thank your partner for their sweetness. This bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day helps to create a bunch that radiates warmth and positivity.

White: Purity, Innocence, and New Beginnings

White flowers, like white roses or lilies, represent innocence and purity. Flower delivery in Wilmette IL will help you to convey a sense of pristine beauty and evoke feelings of purity and devotion through these blooms. White symbolizes new beginnings, making it a good choice for couples celebrating their first year together or starting a new chapter.

Purple: Enchantment and Regality

Purple flowers carry an air of enchantment and regality, making them a unique choice of flowers for Valentine’s Day. Purple flowers, whether they are lavender roses or orchids, are symbolic of allure, mystery, and a hint of majesty. Purple adds elegance to your romantic gesture, expressing your connection’s enchantment and allure.

Yellow: Friendship and Joyful Companionship

In addition to friendship, yellow flowers represent joy and happiness. A bouquet of sunflowers or yellow rose flower symbolism communicates the vibrant and cheerful nature of your relationship. It’s a great way to show gratitude for the friendship that started your love with a bright, positive bouquet.

Orange: Energy, Enthusiasm, and Passion

Orange flowers exude energy, enthusiasm, and a zest for life. This meaning of flower color is symbolic of passion and desire, making it an exciting choice for a romantic gesture. Orange flowers like gerbera daisies or orange roses can express your ardent affection on Valentine’s Day.

Mixed Colors: Expressing Diverse Emotions

Occasionally, bouquets with a variety of colors, each signifying a distinct feeling, are the most poignant. The passion of red, the purity of white, and the warmth of yellow can all be combined in a mixed bouquet to visually depict the range of emotions that are present in your relationship. With this flexible choice, you may personalize your bouquet to match the special characteristics of your romantic relationship.

To send flowers for Valentine’s Day, go beyond the surface beauty of flowers and let the colors convey the depth of your emotions. By selecting flowers from Morning Glory Flower Shop that speak to the feelings you want to convey, you can make a bouquet that becomes a special and heartfelt representation of your love. At the end of the day, it is not just about the flowers; it is about the feelings that they carry and the love that they help you express on this very special day.

Funeral Flowers

Why Do We Send Flowers to Funerals? Finding Meaning in Funeral Flowers

For many of us, funerals stir up complex emotions – grief, regret, and gratitude. We may struggle to find the right words when someone loses a loved one. Yet tradition of flowers at funerals allows us to express empathy and pay tribute without saying a word. Their meanings reveal why floral arrangements comfort the bereaved and honor the deceased.

Funeral Flowers as Symbols

Flowers carry cultural significance tied to their color, variety, or number of blooms. White lilies symbolize purity and peace. Peace lilies for a funeral specifically represent rebirth and resurrection. Roses denote enduring love – red for passion, pink for gentleness, white for new beginnings. Chrysanthemums signify loyalty and optimism. These symbolic funeral flowers meaning offer consolation to people grieving a death.

Flowers and their meanings for funerals also represent the circle of life. Many arrangements incorporate greens like ferns or ivy. Ancient cultures viewed evergreens as immortal plants that signify eternal life. The circular wreaths placed on coffins or caskets evoke this notion of life’s continuity. Even flowers that fade quickly, like carnations or tulips, suggest the natural life cycle – blooming brightly, then withering to make way for new growth.

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Cultural Traditions Around Funeral Flowers

Across cultures, special floral tributes honor those who have passed on. In the United States and Europe, people commonly send orderly bouquets or sprays to a wake or funeral service. Popular choices like lilies and roses lend beauty and fragrance to somber rituals.

Asian cultures often follow distinct customs. For example, white chrysanthemums hold funeral significance in China. In Japan, mourners leave unscented flowers like lotus blossoms or carnations near gravesites during annual ancestor rituals. People craft intricate floral displays for Indian funerals, including marigolds considered sacred.

Even when customs differ, the stunning arrangements share a universal language of remembrance. The care put into funeral flowers expresses heartfelt sympathy.

The Enduring Tradition of Funeral Flowers

Why has the tradition of funeral flowers persisted so long? In part, the rituals reflect humankind’s bond with nature. For millennia, we have used petals and herbs to mark rites of passage, including death. Archaeological evidence shows Neanderthals buried their dead with wildflowers over 70,000 years ago!

Also, sending funeral flowers fills an important emotional need. They allow us to convey compassion and pay tribute when words seem inadequate. The beauty of flowers offsets the sorrow of death. Their fragrance and symbolism remind us of fond memories that outlast a finite life.

Funeral flowers matter because they show support through ongoing grief. Weeks after a burial or cremation ceremony, the person’s loved ones still mourn their absence. Sending flowers or a plant to the bereaved family demonstrates your continued caring. Potted peace lilies, orchids, or bromeliads can grace their home for months, extending consolation.

Selecting Meaningful Funeral Flowers and Plants

When choosing funeral flowers, consider what would hold special significance for the recipient. Ask the Glenview florist for classic varieties rendered in a suitable color, like white roses or carnations for understated elegance. For an avid gardener, a potted orchid or seasonal blooms like tulips may make a perfect memorial.

If you don’t know the deceased’s preferences, it’s always appropriate to send a standing spray or wreath in muted hues. These funeral flowers won’t wilt too soon, while their subdued beauty suits grieving families. For an added personal touch, you might include spring bulbs or seeds representing renewed hope.

Ultimately, let your sympathy and affection guide you. Skilled local Wilmette Florists like  Morning Glory Flower Shop help craft bouquets and plants conveying delicate respect. However you choose to honor someone’s passing, funeral flowers remain a time-honored tradition. Order today!


Christmas Flowers to Loved Ones

Gift Ideas: Sending Christmas Flowers to Loved Ones

As the festive season approaches, our hearts warm with the anticipation of joy, love, and the spirit of giving. This Christmas, consider a gift that goes beyond the ordinary, one that carries the vibrant essence of the season and a touch of nature’s beauty. The art of gifting flowers has been a timeless tradition, speaking the language of emotions with unparalleled elegance. In this blog, we’ll explore the magic of sending Christmas flowers, each type as unique as your loved ones, and the sentiments you wish to convey.

Roses: The Language of Love and Affection

When you think of Christmas, you might not immediately picture roses, but these timeless blooms are perfect for the season. Red roses, in particular, symbolize love and affection, making them a meaningful gift for your special someone. Their deep, velvety petals resonate with the warmth of the holiday spirit. Roses speak a universal language of love, making them a cherished choice for sending them to your loved ones. Furthermore, our flower delivery on Christmas Day, allows you to express your affection and appreciation during the festive season.

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Lilies: A Gift of Purity and Renewal

White lilies, with their pure and elegant appearance, are reminiscent of the snowflakes that grace the landscape during Christmas. These blossoms represent purity and renewal, making them an ideal choice to bring hope and fresh beginnings. Gifting lilies during this season signifies the renewal of bonds and the hope for a brighter future. As Christmas is a time for reflection and connection, lilies hold a profound message for your loved ones. Moreover, you can consult with our florist in Glenview, IL for creative Christmas flower arrangement ideas that incorporate these exquisite lilies, adding a touch of purity and renewal to your holiday celebrations. 

Daisies: A Delightful Symbol of Cheer

A bouquet of daisies can serve as a beautiful reminder to embrace the simple joys of life, echoing the genuine warmth that Christmas brings. Their bright and cheerful presence evokes a sense of merriment, reflecting the joyous spirit of Christmas. Daisy bouquets are not just a gift; they’re a ray of sunshine during the festive season. They represent the simplest yet most profound moments, akin to sharing laughter and love with friends and family. If you’re in Northbrook, IL, consider seeking advice from our florist in Northbrook, IL for unique and heartwarming flower arrangements that include daisies, a delightful choice to spread positivity and good wishes this holiday season. Send Christmas flowers that radiate the spirit of the season to your loved ones. 

Sunflowers: Radiate Warmth and Happiness

Sunflowers, with their vibrant, sun-like appearance, radiate warmth and happiness. They symbolize adoration and loyalty, making them a delightful gift for someone you hold dear. Sending a bouquet of sunflowers is like sending a burst of sunshine during the wintery Christmas season, a symbol of hope and positivity. It’s a reminder that no matter the weather, your affection and care remain unwavering. you can explore the options from our florist in Wilmette, IL for the best Christmas flowers to send, including these joyful sunflowers. Their bright, sunny disposition can light up any room and bring a smile to your loved one’s face during this special season of giving and gratitude.

Tulips: Grace and Elegance in Every Petal

Tulips are synonymous with grace and elegance, and their subtle beauty can add a touch of sophistication to your Christmas celebrations. These blooms come in various colors, each carrying its own meaning. Red tulips represent love, while white tulips signify forgiveness and new beginnings. Sending tulips allows you to convey your sentiments with subtlety and style, making them a versatile choice for any recipient. When considering your holiday decorations, don’t forget to explore creative Christmas flower arrangements that incorporate these charming tulips, adding a dash of grace and elegance to your festive décor. And if you are still wondering what Christmas flower arrangement to send? visit our website Morning Glory Flower Shop to check out our full collection.

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So when you are looking for flowers to send for Christmas, let the language of flowers convey your love and warm wishes. Explore the enchanting world of blooms like roses, lilies, daisies, sunflowers, and tulips. For the perfect Christmas bouquet, consider Morning Glory Flower Shop. With a wide range of options, you’ll find the ideal arrangement to make this holiday season extra special. Embrace the tradition of gifting flowers and spread the joy of Christmas. 

Flower Colors and their Meanings

A Guide to Flower Colors and their Meanings

For generations, flowers have conveyed feelings and messages without words. While flower kind has its own meaning, color can also transmit emotions and subtle messages. Explore the world of flower colors and their meanings as we delve into this guide, which will also assist you in selecting the ideal bouquet for any occasion.

Red Flowers

Everyone knows that red roses are symbolic of passion and love. They stand for passionate feelings, intense longing, and romance. Red roses symbolize love and are typically exchanged between couples. Red flowers from Glenview florist are a fitting choice for celebrating someone’s accomplishments or bravery because they also stand for courage and respect.

Pink Flowers

Pink flowers symbolize kindness, admiration, and thankfulness. Light pink flowers show tenderness and care, whereas darker pink flowers show respect and acknowledgment. Flower delivery Wilmette IL will help you with these pink flowers if you wish to express affection and admiration, specially on Mother’s Day or as a token of appreciation to a friend or family member.

White Flowers

White flowers represent innocence, purity, and new beginnings. They symbolize purity of love and a start of new life during weddings. White flowers can express grief and sympathies during loss. Funeral arrangements often include lilies and white flowers.

Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers evoke feelings of happiness, joy, and friendship, embodying different color flower meanings. They represent optimism and a bright future. Yellow flowers are perfect for friendships, get-wells, and congrats. With their bright yellow petals, sunflowers are great for cheering someone up.

Orange Flowers

Orange flowers symbolize enthusiasm, energy, and confidence. They are associated with the warmth of the sun and the excitement of life’s adventures. Orange blooms make great gifts for those who need a boost of motivation or encouragement. They can also represent a strong sense of admiration and fascination.

Purple Flowers

Purple flowers symbolize grandeur, luxury, and elegance. It shows respect and admiration. Like red flowers, rich purple roses symbolize love and passion. Lighter purples like lavender symbolize beauty and femininity, making them ideal for showing admiration.

Blue Flowers

Blue flowers symbolize serenity, tranquility, and inner peace, encapsulating the meaning of flowers and colors. They symbolize peace and openness. Blue flowers are unusual yet make meaningful gifts. Blue flowers symbolize mystery and the unknown, making them ideal for expressing a message of expectation or adventure.

Green Flowers

Green flowers are a symbol of luck, health, and rebirth. They stand for development, harmony, and equilibrium. Since green is frequently connected to the natural world and the environment, green blossoms are good options for those who care about the environment. They can also be used to wish well for someone’s future undertakings.

Mixed Colors

Bouquets with a variety of colors can be a great way to convey a wide range of feelings. They let you convey a more nuanced message since they provide multiple interpretations. A bouquet of red and white flowers, for instance, might represent harmony and the fusion of purity and love, which makes it a great option for weddings.

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Consider the Occasion

Consider the recipient’s tastes and circumstances while choosing flowers. These color meanings are a guide, but personal feelings and the occasion should determine your pick. For instance, red roses may be perfect for an anniversary, but a bouquet of yellow daisies might be more suitable for a birthday celebration.

Understanding flower color meanings will help you choose the appropriate arrangement for any occasion. Thus, the next time you want to use flowers to convey a message, don’t forget to visit Morning Glory Flower Shop and let your arrangement speak for them.

Different Colored Roses Mean

What Do Different Colored Roses Mean?

Roses are one of the most beautiful and popular flowers given as gifts throughout history. But, did you know there are different meanings of rose colors? While a red rose is a symbol of love, other colors have their own special significance. 

Red Roses

Red roses are the most well-known symbol of love, passion, and desire. The rose colors and meanings have been associated with romance for centuries. Giving a dozen long-stemmed red roses is a gesture that says “I love you” without needing any other words. Red roses are perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or to express your deep affection for someone special.

Pink Roses

Pink roses represent grace, gentleness, admiration, joy, gratitude, and appreciation. They are a color that conveys warm feelings of fondness and friendship. Pink roses are a lovely way to say “Thank you”, “I’m proud of you” or “You’re a wonderful friend”. If you are choosing these from your local Wilmette florist, they can make a thoughtful gift to celebrate someone or express care and affection without romance.

Yellow Rose Meaning

Yellow Rose Meaning

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses signify joy, hospitality, welcome, and friendship. They are a cheerful color that conveys positive feelings of goodwill and care. Giving a yellow rose can say “I feel happy when I’m with you and value our friendship”. They are an excellent choice for saying hello to someone, celebrating their company, or thanking them for their kindness.

White Roses

White roses symbolize purity, innocence, secrecy, and silence. They send a message of purity, reverence and respect. Giving white roses often signifies new beginnings, like at a wedding or celebrating a new home. Some associate white roses with humility, youthfulness, spirituality, and the prospect of new growth. They are lovely as a sympathy flower to express condolences.

Orange Roses

Orange roses represent enthusiasm, fascination, and passion. They signify desire, dreams, and hope for new beginnings. Giving an orange rose can say “You light a fire in me” or “I find you energizing to be with”. Not as commonly gifted as red roses, orange roses are thoughtful for someone who ignites your zest for life.

Peach Rose Meaning

Peach Rose Meaning

Peach Roses

Peach roses mean appreciation, admiration, and gratitude for someone. They have a pleasant appeal like their fruit namesake. Giving peach roses from a Glenview florist is a special way to appreciate all someone adds to your world or thank them for their good qualities. The delightful color evokes appreciation without full romance.

Purple/Lavender Roses

Purple or lavender-colored roses signify enchantment, love at first sight as well as admiration. They are perfect to give someone you are crushing on hard to capture those magical feelings of budding love. Purple roses also carry meanings of devotion.


Therefore, by understanding what different colors of roses mean, you can pick the perfect variety to effectively communicate your intended message on any special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or to send your sincere feelings.

Next time consider adding more significance to your floral gift with the symbolic language of colored roses. And for a beautiful rose arrangement, consider visiting Morning Glory Flower Shop. Browse our collection today for online rose delivery!

Flowers for Any Occasion

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Any Occasion

Flowers are a universal symbol of beauty, warmth, and celebration. From birthdays to weddings, anniversaries to funerals, flowers have the power to enhance any event or commemoration. 

However, with so many varieties of blooms to choose from, deciding on the right flowers can feel overwhelming. In this guide, we will break down the most popular flowers for any occasion and what each one symbolizes so you can select flowers perfectly tailored for your specific occasion. 


 For weddings, classic bridal bouquets usually contain white or light-colored blooms like roses, peonies, calla lilies, hydrangeas, or tulips. You can also mix in greenery like baby’s breath to add texture. The bridal party typically carries bouquets that coordinate but with slightly bolder or darker colors to complement the bride. Centerpieces at wedding receptions traditionally use the bridal bouquet flowers or blooms that match the time of year. The best flowers for weddings that symbolize love, luck, and new beginnings are roses, tulips, and lilacs are popular.


For birthday flower arrangements, pick the celebrant’s favorite flowers if you know them. Otherwise, opt for bright, cheerful blooms to match the joyous mood. Gerbera daisies, carnations, sunflowers, and roses all make lively birthday bouquets. Pastel colors like pinks and yellows also feel festive for the occasion. You can augment the arrangement with decorative birthday basics like balloons or a “Happy Birthday” banner.


Anniversary flowers

Anniversary flowers

For anniversary flowers, select blooms that symbolize the number of years together. For example, the 1st anniversary is paper or everlasting flowers, the 5th is tulips or lilies of the valley, 10th is chrysanthemums or roses. If you don’t know the year, opt for romantic reds like roses or peonies. Orchids also convey luxury, love, and longevity and can be the best flowers for celebration. Consider adding a meaningful card or bouquet to commemorate the special relationship.

Get Well Soon

Opt for eye-catching flowers when cheering someone up who’s sick or recovering. Brighten their space with cheery blooms in sunny hues like daisies, tulips, or yellow roses. Avoid dark, heavy flowers and foliage that could feel oppressive in a healing environment. Also, steer clear of flowers with strong fragrances which could irritate. A mixed bouquet with greenery can add texture and lifts spirits.


Sympathy Flower

Sympathy Flower

For mourning, choose simple blooms and keep arrangements minimal and understated. Stargazer lilies, calla lilies, and roses often symbolize sympathy. Other soothing options include orchids, peonies, irises, or lilies. All-white designs usually feel most respectful. Consider adding a memorial card with your message of support. Avoid red blooms which can imply celebration.

General Goodwill

For dropping off flowers as a friendly pick-me-up or hostess gift, focus on what’s currently in season for maximum freshness. Mixes of tulips, daffodils, iris, or poppies capture spring’s vibrancy. Summer may feature cheerful sunflowers, snapdragons, or lavender. Fall lends itself to chrysanthemums, asters, or roses. To suit all-year tastes, classic staples like carnations, gerberas, or mixed herb bouquets work well.

Consider the recipient’s style

If you know the person favors minimal, modern aesthetics, choose a pared-back design from your local Wilmette florist using all one type of bloom. Those who love bold, romantic floral displays would appreciate a full, lush arrangement. Look for cues from the decor in their home for guidance on their preferred style.

With some contextual awareness of the occasion to give flowers and creative matching of symbolic blooms to each situation, you can’t go wrong with the perfect floral gift. 

Brighten someone’s day with beautiful bouquets from Morning Glory Flower Shop, a Glenview florist. Choose the perfect flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because – order today!