July Birth Flowers Water Lily

July Birth Flowers Meanings: Water Lily & Larkspur

The Water Lily and the Larkspur are two stunning birth flowers for July, a month noted for its bright, sunny days and vivid summer blooms. Each of these flowers has its own symbolism and charm, making them ideal for midsummer birthdays. Let’s explore the meanings and significance of birth flower for month of July, the Water Lily and the Larkspur.

Water Lily: The Symbol of Enlightenment and Purity

The serenely beautiful Water Lily is a flower that rises to the surface of murky waters and blooms magnificently. This unusual growth pattern represents rebirth, purity, and enlightenment. Water Lilies from florist Glenview IL symbolize spiritual enlightenment in many cultures and religions, especially Buddhism and Hinduism.

Symbolism and Meaning

Purity and Cleansing: The Water Lily signifies purity and cleanliness by rising over dirty waters and blooming unaffected. It symbolizes the path of overcoming obstacles to become clean and enlightened.

Enlightenment and Rebirth: Many cultures worship the water lily for rebirth and enlightenment. Its daily cycle of blooming and closing represents spiritual awakening and fresh beginnings.

Peace and Tranquility: A sense of serenity and peace is evoked by the placid sight of water lilies floating on water surfaces. Spiritual practices and meditation practices use them to achieve inner serenity.

Varieties and Colors

Water Lilies come in a variety of colors at Wilmette Flower Shop, each adding its own layer of meaning:

White Water Lilies symbolize purity and peace.

Pink Water Lilies represent love and romance.

Blue Water Lilies are associated with serenity and wisdom.

Yellow Water Lilies symbolize joy and new beginnings.

Larkspur: The Flower of Lightheartedness and Positivity

Having delicate blooms and towering spikes, larkspur is the other birth flower for July. This flower is well-known for its vivid hues and upbeat effect on bouquets and landscapes. At Florist Northbrook IL, the Larkspur symbolizes lightheartedness, cheerfulness, and openness.

Symbolism and Meaning

Lightheartedness and Joy: The vibrant and varied hues of larkspur flowers represent joy and lightheartedness. They reflect a carefree, joyous mood, making them ideal for happy occasions.

Open Heart and Positivity: The open blossoms of the larkspur plant represent an open heart and an optimistic attitude on life. 

Strong Bonds of Love: Larkspur blossoms are also a representation of enduring love and devotion. They show great love and strong family and friend bonds.

Varieties and Colors

Larkspur July birth flower come in a range of colors, each carrying its own specific meaning:

Purple Larkspur signifies first love and a sweet disposition.

Pink Larkspur represents fickleness and contrariness.

White Larkspur symbolizes a happy-go-lucky nature and a sense of carefree joy.

Blue Larkspur stands for dignity and grace.

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Celebrating July Birthdays with Water Lilies and Larkspur

July birthdays can be spectacular with Water Lilies and Larkspur in gifts and decorations. Here are some suggestions:

Bouquets and Arrangements: Make floral arrangements with larkspur and water lilies, the July birth flower. Their beauty and symbolism make any bouquet meaningful.

Garden Gifts: Water Lilies and Larkspur seeds make great gifts for gardeners. These presents can be planted and enjoyed for years, making your kindness memorable.

Decorative Art: Water Lilies and Larkspur art prints or home decor make wonderful gifts. These objects beautify a home and symbolize July birthday flowers.

Two lovely flowers that exquisitely symbolize July are the water lily and larkspur. Understanding the meanings of these flowers will enrich your floral choices, whether you’re celebrating a July birthday or just admiring them. Visit Morning Glory Floral Shop to celebrate July’s birth flowers and let them bring you joy, purity, and enlightenment.

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