She’s the greatest


Add as nice dose of color to the favorite lady or special someone in your life. White hydrangea. green fuji mums, yellow rannunculus create a powerful venue for the delicate pink roses in this 8″ Jordan vase. Perfect for a celebration or to brighten someones heart.14″ tall and 13″ wide.

Better- Expand your thinking a bit to a 9″ Jordan vase and add a little of each flower creating a bit taller look and a wider fuller presentation.16″ tall and 14″ wide.

Best- Really knock that special person’s socks off with an 11″ tall Jordan vase and plenty of full goodness to fill. 18″ tall and 16″ wide. This will be a fantastic item for every room in the house and even as an entry piece.

Depending on product availability, substitutions may occur.