Flowers for Girls

Flowers for Girls with Their Special Meanings

Flowers have been important symbols of love and gratitude since ancient times all over the world. With so many flower types available, it can be tricky to pick the best ones to give someone special to express your feelings. This article outlines some top flowers to give your girlfriend, wife, or any girl you care about to show your love. Scroll down to know the meaning of different types of flowers!


Roses have always been at the top of the list. Giving roses has been popular for years since they mean love, care, and honesty. Red roses for a girlfriend, wife, or girl are always perfect. Even though they’re pricey, red roses show eternal romance and passion. They mean your love for your partner is deep and never-ending. When thinking about flowers that symbolize femininity, pink roses are a great option.

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Sunflowers show feelings of happiness and warmth. These bright yellow blooms make you think of summer. But you can give them any time of year to remind your partner how you feel around them – warm and smiling as bright as the sun! Sunflowers also represent loyalty. This makes them great for long-distance relationships where loyalty connects you. You can mix sunflowers with other kinds to make wonderful, colorful bouquets for your girlfriend. Putting sunflowers in the middle looks fabulous.


Lilies have the most diverse meanings. They usually show purity and complete devotion to a woman. In Greek myths, lilies represent rebirth and motherhood. So they’re great to give if your partner is expecting. Overall, they connect to good luck. If your partner could use some good fortune or you want to express love and loyalty, lilies are perfect to get from a local Skokie flower shop.


Peonies are one of the rarest and most unique flowers to give a girl. You can only get them in season. Their fluffy blooms mean romance, prosperity, and shyness. In many cultures, they’re also good luck charms. Since they’re not always available, timing it right makes peonies a special, unique gift. It reminds her she’s as gorgeous and special as these flowers!


Daffodils-Flower for Girls

Daffodils-Flower for Girls

Daffodils traditionally celebrate a 10th anniversary. But they also symbolize new beginnings and good luck. For example, if your partner is starting something new, sending daffodils wishes her the best. Their good luck meaning makes them a thoughtful gift. Daffodils also represent optimism since they bloom after winter. Giving these flowers brings joy and longing. Perfect for your special lady!

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Bright blue, white, and yellow irises are the most popular. Of all flowers for girls, they have the deepest meaning – faith, admiration, and courage. Gifting irises shows great wisdom. You encourage your partner and express admiration. Perfect for a thoughtful, sentimental woman!


Gardenias are gorgeous and smell heavenly! They represent happiness, purity, and old-fashioned love. Considered too stunning for this world, they’re mystical. These elegant blooms are popular for weddings. Giving gardenias could rekindle a long-term love and nurture your bond.


After roses, chrysanthemums are the second most popular flowers globally. They show pure friendship and affection. If you want to confess feelings to a girl, chrysanthemums work great. Go for red to convey your love!

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