Perfect Mother's Day Flowers

What are the best colors of flowers for Mother’s Day?

It’s difficult to describe motherhood with only one feeling or color. There are upbeat days when mothers successfully manage after-school activities, parties, and homework. Mothers also have tender moments where they hug their children to reassure them of their support. Sometimes mothering requires patience and composure during chaotic times.

Motherhood involves different situations and emotions. However, one thing is certain – mothers deserve recognition. So, these are some color options for your Mother’s Day arrangement from a nearby florist in Glenview, lL.

Red Flower

To start things off, a color that is always a safe choice that moms are sure to love is red. As we already know, red flowers have long been a symbol of love and are thought to convey deep feelings of affection, care, and appreciation. Roses are the most common red flower given on Mother’s Day, but other options include carnations, tulips, and gerbera daisies. No matter which red bloom you pick, your mother will know the meaning behind this vibrant hue.

Green Flower

For moms who have a green thumb and love working in their garden, an earthy bouquet featuring green flowers would go over well. Some options in varied green shades are green carnations, hydrangeas, and wheat. Greens remind us of growth, renewal, and nature – values garden-loving mothers hold dear. These blooms say “You nurture our family just like you nurture your plants.”

Pink Flower

A flower color for Mother’s Day that evokes feelings of gentleness, grace, and sweetness. Pink flowers remind us of childhood and are a lovely way to honor one’s mother. Some excellent pink flower choices are peonies, cherry blossoms, and alstroemeria. Baby’s breath also comes in a soft blush pink that adds fullness and texture to an arrangement. Pairing pink flowers with green accents or other pastel shades would make for an elegantly feminine bouquet perfect for Mother’s Day.

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Yellow Flower

Yellow flowers symbolize joy, cheerfulness, and warmth. On a day meant for honoring mothers, bringing them happiness is key, and yellow is one of the colors that represent motherhood. Sunny blooms like tulips, daffodils, and daisies in yellow say “You make me happy!” without using words. Since most moms work so hard to spread joy every day, yellow flowers are a bright way to show appreciation for all they do.

Lavender Flower

For mothers with a creative, artistic side, lavender flowers convey messages of imagination, grace, and elegance. Blossoms from a local florist in Morton Grove like lavender roses can add an aristocratic feel. Other possibilities include laceflower, lavender stocks, and lavender statice for their frilly, delicate appearance. A bouquet peppered with lavender blooms says “You bring beauty and refinement to our lives, Mom.”

White Flower

Last but not least, the white color for Mother’s Day symbolizes purity, innocence, and new beginnings. On a day set aside to honor motherhood, white blooms pay tribute to the nurturing, selfless acts of moms. Some top white flower picks are lilies, orchids, roses, and calla lilies. White flowers paired with pastels or lush greenery would create a bouquet as pristine and lovely as the woman it’s meant for.

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